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03/02/2017 unknown Indy Fuel owners building $20 million Iceplex in Greenwood 5681   Details icon
07/12/2017 unknown Greenwood plans to redevelop local eyesore 4940   Details icon
10/31/2016 pdf Non-Discrimination Policy 3796 4,109 KB Details icon
10/31/2016 pdf ADA Transition Plan 3396 907 KB Details icon
03/14/2017 unknown Greenwood releases site plan for new Mrs. Curl location 3158   Details icon
03/06/2017 unknown City of Greenwood, Mayor Mark W. Myers unveil vision for downtown transformation 3031   Details icon
03/15/2017 unknown Greenwood announces plan, initial design for first phase of Madison Ave. corridor improvements 2261   Details icon
11/08/2016 pdf Employment Application 2023 240 KB Details icon
01/04/2017 unknown Greenwood announces grand re-opening for reimagined, modernized Community Center 1655   Details icon
08/09/2017 unknown Greenwood approves $3.8 million Emerson Ave. makeover 1631   Details icon
11/12/2016 pdf Recycling Calendar and Pickup Routes 1625 706 KB Details icon
02/09/2017 unknown Greenwood reveals plans for latest phase of downtown revitalization 1606   Details icon
05/15/2017 unknown City of Greenwood announces new park, expanded trail system 1551   Details icon
06/19/2017 unknown Indy Fuel owners expand plans for Greenwood 1274   Details icon
11/13/2017 pdf Greenwood Closes Purchase of Former Strip Mall 1030 72 KB Details icon
11/08/2016 pdf Gun Permit Instructions 1020 223 KB Details icon
07/07/2017 unknown City of Greenwood announces $4 million in road construction projects 1015   Details icon
11/22/2016 unknown Greenwood offers $100 credit to residents who “Find It, Fix It” 949   Details icon
11/03/2016 pdf Encroachment Request 943 272 KB Details icon
03/14/2017 pdf Adult Softball Rules 927 164 KB Details icon
11/08/2016 pdf GFD Part-Time Application 927 402 KB Details icon
11/03/2016 pdf Home Renovation Permit - Decks, Pergolas and Gazebos 926 1,212 KB Details icon
11/03/2016 pdf Home Renovation Permit - Additions and Remodels 908 1,682 KB Details icon
07/13/2017 unknown City of Greenwood and local church detail plan for additional downtown parking 897   Details icon
01/05/2017 unknown City of Greenwood, School Corporation finalize agreement for 19-acre downtown middle school property 889   Details icon
Documents 1-25 of 2,473